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ATTW7 Coming to Newgrounds

2013-02-13 09:30:23 by TimmyTuShoes

The group decided it'd be a grand idea to create Newgrounds accounts and create Flash games via Newgrounds Projects. Most were in favor, so now ATTW7 has expanded from Facebook to Newgrounds. We plan to bring you quality Art, Sound, and Games.
We want to bring you a new flavor of Game. And we'll be sure to work on that. We'll not only be slowly building up a Flash game Rep on here and Kongregate, we're also working on serious game designs for the PC and for Consoles.
We're learning programming in order to actually create those game designs though, so Flash is probably the best place to start and show off some simple ideas quickly.

Anyhow, that's a small update on the group. Onto me, Pride.
I'm a 19 year old guy who's always been centered around game design without ever realizing it. When I played with Toys as a kid, they ran an RPG-Card Mechanic similar to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (BEFORE Chain of Memories came out).
When I was even younger than that, I designed a card game that was like Pokemon and Yugioh combined and made over 300 different cards.
All my life I've been writing up ideas for a Fire Emblem esque game, drawing up all the classes and designing how they function and whatnot. I designed some 60+ Class lines going from things like Scout to Ninja to Assassin, Apprentice to Mage to Spellblade, etc. etc. I even gave them stats and made characters and decided how they were recruited.
I've been working on Project Anima for two years now, a massively detailed game centered around the same genre of Pokemon, which IMHO, and most of my fellow co-workers' opinions, shatters the innovation level of Pokemon, who's had a decade to do it right.
I've been drawing up and designing board games when I was little and didn't feel like playing monopoly. I even made an RPG out of a Board game with Event Cards and such.
I've been working on games specifically designed for Consoles, with control schematics and cut scene ideas and everything.

I never really realized it, I always focused on Art as my main talent, but then I started to realize that my talent for Game Design is definitely shining just as, if not more brightly. So I started ATTW7.

Originally, ATTW7 was designed specifically for Project Anima. Oh, I need people to help lessen the load on me, advertise and plan financial stuff (Although I ended up doing most of that for PA with Lust and Wrath's help respectively) but as the different people amassed, it seems I have a good eye for other game developers, as most of them started coming up with frankly beautifully thought out ideas. Ideas that haven't been done before, or do it so much better. Real, legitimate ideas that literally wowed me.
And ATTW7 was born. Becoming less of a group for PA, and more of a group for Game Development. Lust coined the name when we had a dispute and one of the members left the group, And Then There Were Seven. We had more members have a falling out, and we are now 10 members strong, although each and everyone of us are productive, whereas the previous members did not take the role seriously.

As you can tell, the core members are based around the Seven Deadly Sins. We also have on member who chose a Mortal Sin instead, and two other members who are our Numbered set.

The members are as follows:

Pride (Myself)
Seven (Currently does not own a Newgrounds account)

And that, my friends, is And Then There Were Seven.


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2013-02-13 16:11:08

Envy reporting in.