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2013-07-13 14:37:34 by TimmyTuShoes

I have some good news, some wonderful news, some bad news, and some worst news, and being the pessimist that I typically am, let's start off with the bad news!

The bad news is that I've literally been doing nothing over the passed few weeks, I had a depressive spiral but I believe I'm back on speed now. This is accompanied with further bad news: I don't have access to any art or files I made over the passed few months until I figure out a way to transfer them off of a completely dead computer's hard drive. This is not a big issue, but it means I can't work on my original projects for a while.

The worst news is that Idlenight, originally labeled And Then There Were 7 (ATTW7), has finally fallen apart, with nothing but an awkward silence and a small sense of failure between the group. This is mainly due to the fact that many members were biting more than they could chew, and are currently in critical crossroads in their life where all of their choices have huge consequences, as well as benefits. A few of the members still wish to help me out with the work I plan to continue doing, however, Idlenight and it's formation no longer mean anything relevant to you, the audience who may or may not be playing future games from us/them.

However, let's move on to the good news, having managed Idlenight, I have had new light shed on me, along with plenty of new skillsets that I wasn't aware of prior to Idlenight. I've learned how different ways of regulating work flow might sound ideal, but ultimately fail, I've learned a lot about starting businesses, managing them, and such, I've learned a huge deal about my own personal faults, and how each fault a person has can potentially cause a team to become non functional. And with those skills, I intend to continue my work, better than before, even without a team behind me.

So, expect to see a few low tier projects while I work on Sound and Music a bit so that I can effectively do it when necessary. I'm going to start with the obligatory pong game, but I'll try to make it interesting and a fairly good quality regardless.

The great news is that I'm moving through my life currently with very few hitches in the road, and this gives me a lot of free time to dedicate to these projects, whilst also starting up my own art and design business as well. You can find me on Etsy under the same name, expect to see interesting things start showing up in my store once I get some stock.

The era of Timmy Tu Shoes begins! :3


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