Entry #5

11/11 Update

2013-11-11 21:56:57 by TimmyTuShoes

It's about time I updated and seriously informed people of everything.

I've been focusing on personal stuff lately. I'm at a convenient area where I haven't even started and can afford to retreat into nothingness temporarily due to that.

Anyhow, with that being taken care of, the first announcement is that I'll resume my Game Developing very soon, I'l start with low-scale projects using Stencyl, like I said. From there, I'll move accordingly. Currently in the process of being made is 3 games. One TimmyTuShoes skin of "Pong", which is on my current laptop, and an Avoider game and a Shooter game I will have to retrieve from my other laptop sometime soon.

The next announcement is I will be resuming activity both here, and on other sites very soon! This means I will be back into the NG, DA, and Tumblr worlds, I suppose. I'm not the most social creature, so I hope you won't find it a pain if that still translates to "infrequent visitor".

Finally, I'm currently in the process of designing, programming, and building my own website. I will link it when it's complete! :D

Anyhow, more information soon, just thought I'd give a quick update!


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2013-11-12 04:22:57

Well, good luck to all of that biz.

TimmyTuShoes responds:

Thank you! If I had known anyone would read this, I might have written more/better. I should be done with the website in a week, then I'll hopefully come out with a few mediocre games and get on with the learning process.