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what adbock does what adbock does

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I love adblock, although I think you're missing part of it.
The problem with Adblock, is that instead of compromising, it kind of damages the value of advertising, a lot of people who do that advertising are spending money on it. That money only comes back if people buy things, click on the ads, or go to their website (and sometimes only one of these) however, Adblock blocks the ad, and still counts it as viewed by your IP Address, which means it counts negatively towards their advertising. To give you a way to relate, imagine spending 5$ on Facebook ads for your Facebook page, and somebody blocks all of Facebook's page advertisements and you get 0 likes because of it. Kind feels like you wasted 5 bucks, right? I try to turn off Adblock every now and again, for banner advertisements and such, but we all know the main reason Adblock was made is because some idiot decided to make annoying popup ads that can't be closed or force you to click on the ad in order to use their crummy site. THAT is when I say I wish Adblock had the power to permanently destroy the advertisement. xD

Anyways, I enjoyed the animation, great job.

megadrivesonic responds:

yeah i do realize why adblock for that reason, people i know are gonna think i hate ads but i only had ads that are malicious and i sometimes use it on youtube when they start to get annoying.